Coaching Corps and ECHO Team Up at Nonprofit User Group

Coaching Corps and ECHO Team Up at Nonprofit User Group

I was super excited to attend this month’s Bay Area Nonprofit User Group because the topic was “What Can Communities Do For You” and I’ve seen many organizations hugely benefit from this application of the Salesforce platform. Also, I have to be honest that I was thrilled because ECHO’s very own Rachel Bloom was co-presenting with Coaching Corps’ Monica Santos Quintana. Coaching Corps has been leveraging the Salesforce platform since 2012 and had a Salesforce Portal before Communities was even a thing.

If you’ve never been to this user group, it’s amazing. We meet monthly for about an hour. Salesforce provides lunch and the United Way is kind enough to host. The topics are always relevant and the presenters are knowledgeable and approachable. The audience is a healthy mix of nonprofit Salesforce users/admins and consultants that specialize in working with nonprofits.

Rachel and Monica’s presentation had three main parts:

  • First, Rachel reviewed the what and why of Salesforce Lightning Communities. What are they? Why would your organization want one?

  • Then, Rachel went into more detail about the built-in features available for all Lightning Communities and did a quick demonstration of an out-of-the-box Community built in just a day or two using a Community Template. This is great for very budget conscious organizations with limited software development skills available that want to quickly establish a Community to connect with stakeholders.

  • Then, Monica discussed Coaching Corps’ recent Lightning Community implementation. This Community has had a huge impact on Coaching Corps’ ability to quickly and scalably facilitate, onboard, train, and connect with volunteer coaches. Their Community is beautifully branded and is a streamlined experience for coaches to register, sign up for a team/sport/season, receive training, and evolve their coaching practice. The system tracks a bunch of KPIs that Coaching Corps can use to evolve its practice and improve the experience for coaches and youth.

Probably most interesting to the attendees was the lessons learned that Monica shared… They are so glad that the programs team was involved in the entire process from conceptualization to design, through implementation, and go live. It was very helpful to integrate the users (coaches in this case) and UX/UI input from the start. Mockups and wireframes were very valuable. Prioritizing features into phases was key. It’s very wise to build in staff training before and after launch. Finally, relationship building is key to engagement.

The presentation concluded with some resources that we will include here: