Cloud 3.0 – The Evolution of a Smart Enterprise

Cloud 3.0 - The Evolution of a Smart Enterprise

Cloud 3.0 – The Evolution of a Smart Enterprise

The future of cloud computing has been amongst us for many years now and as this technology continues to evolve it only becomes more evident. Organizations are increasingly migrating and to some degree completing the move off business applications and services to SaaS (Software as a Service) and other Cloud platform models, bringing into focus the emergence of the next generation of cloud computing – Cloud 3.0.

As is with all technology, the evolution of software and the natural human desire to optimize will always push the boundaries to create new and exciting opportunities. These are opportunities to compute faster, be more efficient, provide out of the box integration and the ability to move more quickly and provide easier tools for deploying or implement these solutions. Just like many applications of the past, cloud computing applications were notorious for maintaining separate siloed database and for their lack of APIs for integration. Then came the data warehousing era and better integration started to evolve in the 90’s. This led to better data analysis as well as the realization that the true power of data was being able to help stakeholders make better & quicker decisions.

With the growth of data analytics, the connection of all devices, standardizations and improved workflow automation a data driven organization is becoming more of a reality, expecially with a fully integrated cloud computing ecosystem.  As standards continue to be developed and adopted, the ability to include more intelligible actions and the leveraging of machine learning and artificial intelligence the evolution of business optimization, decision making and scalability continues to evolve and become common capabilities in running a business.

This is the birth of a true out-of-the-box plug and play solution with endless Lego components, in an environment limited only by your imagination, making for a smarter data driven enterprise. But as we move towards a true artificial intelligent environment leading to a Cloud 4.0 where systems teach systems and the evolution of technology exponentially grows with only the limits that we build into the models, it leads us to a whole other discussion of technology ethic’s and the freedom to create the impossible.