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We measure our success by yours.

We measure our success by yours.

Supermarket Chain

The Challenge:

ECHO’s relationship with this supermarket chain began in 2010 as a request to help find a better way to keep its growing number of independently owned and operated stores connected to enable centralized store systems and other administrative applications (reporting, order entry, stocking, etc.) to function properly. The Company’s virtual private networking equipment had reached end-of-life, and the reliability of its network was suffering from provider outages.  These outages impacted the customer at checkout, as the individual stores had to move to slow dial-up or no connectivity at all.  

The Solution:

ECHO identified the right VPN equipment and orchestrated a smooth transition, taking into consideration the organization’s requirements for robust connectivity and PCI compliance for credit cards.  ECHO also created a failover system to cellular to guarantee 100% availability.

The Result

Today, this supermarket chain has now grown to six states and over 210 stores, and ECHO’s responsibilities have grown: in 2014 our client moved its I.T. infrastructure to a data center and its headquarters to a new 300-person office, and ECHO was able to architect a seamless – and sequential - transition into both. Throughout the longstanding relationship with this supermarket chain, ECHO has been trusted to ensure that their I.T. design would be flexible and scalable for growth.