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We measure our success by yours.

We measure our success by yours.

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Founded in 2007, this organization has been helping immigrant families emerge from the financial shadows and into the mainstream banking sector. In 2008, the organization launched a program, which provides a zero-interest, zero-fee loan to help participants build credit and access an affordable, small dollar loan. This first-of-a-kind social loan program rapidly proved its ability to help people open bank accounts, avoid predatory lenders, and quickly and safely build their credit history. Word spread beyond San Francisco and interest in this program started to grow very quickly across the country.

The Challenge:

As demand for the product grew, our client needed to scale it’s platform to adequately meet this demand. They had been using Salesforce to manage their product, but much of the process involved a high level of manual work. Onboarding and managing their growing list of partners was becoming cumbersome and costly. A solution was needed that would be intuitive for partners and program users alike, and would allow for the simultaneous management of thousands of users.

The Solution:

The approach was to use Salesforce automation to streamline existing business processes, such as document signing, social security verification, bank verification, and tracking loan payments and distributions. Our initial approach was to work with a design firm that could design an easy to use interface that would allow for partners and members to better manage their accounts. This interface was integrated with Salesforce Communities which allowed the organization to expose relevant Salesforce data to their partners and end users. We then integrated several third party services into the platform that removed many of the old manual processes being handled by the orgainzations staff.

The Result:

We delivered a customized Salesforce instance that can be scaled to meet the growing needs of the organization's program. This will permit our client to onboard hundreds of partners quickly and with much less overhead than before, as well as allow the organization to touch many more people than before and achieve it’s mission in a much more efficient manner.