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We measure our success by yours.

We measure our success by yours.



This organization coordinates book drives in the United States and partners with African schools and villages to start small libraries.

The Challenge:

Our client had been processing their online donations via PayPal. These donations were made on behalf of book drives they managed in Africa. They wanted a way to track these donations in Salesforce and associate them with the appropriate book drive.

The Solution:

ECHO modified their online donation page so that it would capture the necessary information required to associate a donation with a specific book drive. This page would then push all the necessary information to the organization's PayPal account and then, via the use of the Zapier integration tool, the PayPal information would push all data to their Salesforce instance.

The Result:

Our client is now able to track donations against specific book drives and have a real time view of how a particular book drive is performing.