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We measure our success by yours.

We measure our success by yours.

Milkshake Manufacturer

The Challenge:

A fast growing food manufacturer showed us a set of sophisticated spreadsheets, which constituted their production forecasting system. With over 60 different ingredients, 25 vendors, 2 outsourcing facilities and warehouses across the united states, it was a fairly complex system. Every step of their process has to be planned down to a smallest detail 8 weeks in advance. And their spreadsheets did a superb job, but as the business was growing past the $25 million mark, the spreadsheets were running out of space and steam. 

The Solution:

Off the shelf solutions—often north of $500,000.00 for software and even more for implementation—were unaffordable and unnecessary. We built a custom solution that took care of all their inventory and process needs, and also improved the accuracy, minimized the overhead and fully integrated with their ERP system. We also connected the solution with their SalesForce application.

The Result:

Two years later the company is on it's way to logging $100 million. The production forecasting team is still the same size and they go home at 5pm every day. That’s what we call success.