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We measure our success by yours.

We measure our success by yours.

Leading Investment Bank

The Challenge:

This leading investment bank's most important I.T. goals were infrastructure resiliency and cyber security.  The investment bank also needed to take stronger measures to secure the network from cyber attacks and other potential points of failure. They had had an independent security audit and asked ECHO to remediate issues (firewalls, password policy, protocols, etc.).

 The Solution:

With over 250 users in 5 offices across the country, changes to our clients environment had to be closely monitored.  After carefully reviewing the existing infrastructure and diagnosing network protocol failures, ECHO applied known Best Practices outside and within SEC guidelines to withstand an attack or failure. ECHO replaced aging network infrastructure and secured the environment with technical controls such as next generation firewalls.  ECHO also overcame an important challenge by upgrading the Disaster Recovery network environment with minimal impact to business. 

 The Result:

The leading investment bank is now confident that all necessary steps have been taken to secure its I.T. environment against cyber attacks. Additonally they now have better visibility into and alerts of user activity on the network.  Today ECHO continues to provide advice for further enhancements such as next generation firewalls to stay ahead of advancing threats to financial institutions as well as changing regulatory requirements by federal institutions.