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We measure our success by yours.

We measure our success by yours.

Italian Restaurant Chain

The Challenge:

This restaurant chain had major issues with the support of their Point of Sales systems across 27 different locations. They had a vendor and one dedicated full-time employee in charge and somehow, the uptime of the system and cost of maintaining it just didn’t add up. 

The Solution:

We took over and, within 5 months, almost completely annihilated downtime and reduced the number of hours required for support from 300 to 30. How did we do it? We tinkered, we researched, we debated, we planned, we executed -- it worked. This project may have kicked our butts and ruined several weekends, but in the end, we won.

The Result:

We can boast increased revenues, increased customer satisfaction, increased employee satisfaction and a drastic reduction in maintenance cost.