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We measure our success by yours.

We measure our success by yours.

Food and Beverage

The Challenge:

The client uses Salesforce for Sales and Customer Support and was working with a Salesforce consultant that lacked industry specific knowledge and experience to support the volume of custom code used in their Salesforce implementation.  Our client was unable to consistently get accurate sales and forecasting data. Additionally, they were migrating from their ERP, Epicor to SAP. ECHO was brought in to implement the migration and to support and extend the application.

The Solution:

ECHO was able to plan and manage a complete migration of the backend ERP from Epicor to SAP, while maintaining an interface into their existing supply chain process for customer service operation.  This interface fed data into Salesforce from “smart” blenders used by retailers on multiple continents. The data provides real-time sales data and issue detection that auto created service tickets in Salesforce.  ECHO integrated a 3rd party Business Intelligence tool to improve reporting for their Sales Team.

The Result:

Customer Support efficiency has improved on both the request and order sides of the process.  Order creation can now be handled directly in Salesforce and then flow to their ERP system for fulfillment.  The enhanced Sales team reporting now gives clear direction for marketing campaigns to drive sales.