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We measure our success by yours.

We measure our success by yours.

Cap Tables

The Challenge:

A well-established venture fund had Cap Tables for all their portfolio companies in a number of spreadsheets, which works beautifully when working on any one entity individually. However, if they ever wanted to know who they co-invested with and when, over the longer period of time, that was a problem. They’d have to open a number of spreadsheets and find one by one. But not any more. 

The Solution:

We took all of the spreadsheets, loaded them into a very sophisticated Cap Table database and designed the application to automatically generate a number of reports on a daily basis. Just think of it as a Cap Table BI Tool.

The Result:

Managing partners referred to the process of getting reports out of Cap Tables as a, "trip down memory lane. " Often, it meant working until 2am in the morning for their CFO. Well today, that problems is solved.