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We measure our success by yours.

We measure our success by yours.

Case Studies

At ECHO, we believe that our innovative team is the driving force behind our company. Our team is smart and talented, and what sets us apart is our approach: we don't just help our clients fix problems. We help improve their bottom line. That means we listen, we plan, we debate, we research, we execute and we work until the job is done. We are extraordinarily committed and honest with our clients and with each other. So when you work at ECHO, you are more than just another cog in the wheel: you are an integral part of our company and a contributing member of our team. We're not your average I.T. geeks, and we have lives and interests beyond bits and bytes. This special blend of loyalty, dedication, approachability and perfectionism makes us a rare breed.

Cap Tables

The Challenge: A well-established venture fund had Cap Tables for all their portfolio companies in a number of spreadsheets, which works beautifully when working on any one entity individually...

Law Firm

The Challenge: There are about 50 relevant systems that will help a law firm bill their time, invoice it to their clients and "hopefully" produce some meaningful reports to the management...

Italian Restaurant Chain

The Challenge: This restaurant chain had major issues with the support of their Point of Sales systems across 27 different locations. They had a vendor and one dedicated full-time employee in charge and somehow, the uptime of the system and cost of maintaining it just didn’t add up.

K1 PDF Automation for Venture Fund

The Challenge: Quarterly reporting for investment firms is a notoriously time-consuming process. Larger firms may have hundreds of communications to send out to investors at the end of each quarter, including K1 tax filings...

Arbitrage system for student books purchasing

This is not your usual run-of-the-mill system. There are hundreds of web sites selling study books. Someone figured out that there are price inefficiencies in the market, but how do you make an efficient system that works with multiple web sites in few different languages?

Milkshake Manufacturer

The Challenge: A fast growing food manufacturer showed us a set of sophisticated spreadsheets, which constituted their production forecasting system. With over 60 different ingredients, 25 vendors...

Medical Group

The Challenge: A medical legal evaluation provider asked us to replace "mismatched" and troubling implementation of a billing and collection system.

Food and Beverage

The Challenge: The client uses Salesforce for Sales and Customer Support and was working with a Salesforce consultant that lacked industry specific knowledge and experience to support the volume of custom code used in their Salesforce implementation.

Leading Investment Bank

The Challenge: This leading investment bank's most important I.T. goals are infrastructure resiliency and cyber security. The investment bank also needed to take stronger measures to secure the network from cyber attacks and other potential points of failure.

Nonprofit - Arts and Education

The Challenge: Our client was managing their organization on Excel spreadsheets. They brought ECHO in to migrate their existing donor data into Salesforce and train their staff on how best to use the database going forward.

Nonprofit - Higher Education in Prisons

The Challenge: Our client had been managing their organization on QuickBooks. QuickBooks was able to track donations and issue tax receipts, but they wanted a better way to track their fundraising efforts and their ongoing touch points with their constituents.

Nonprofit Organization - Developmental Disabilities

The Challenge This nonprofit has over 100 used Windows XP workstations to support key activities to track staff and assign service providers; however, the Windows XP environment was unstable and crashing daily.

Nonprofit Organization-2

The Challenge: As demand for the product grew, our client needed to scale it’s platform to adequately meet this demand. They had been using Salesforce to manage their product, but much of the process involved a high level of manual work.


The Challenge: Our client had been processing their online donations via PayPal. These donations were made on behalf of book drives they managed in Africa. They wanted a way to track these donations in Salesforce and associate them with the appropriate book drive.

Salesforce Instance

The Challenge: Our client configured their Salesforce instance internally several years ago.

Salesforce NPSP

The Challenge: Our client had been managing their organization on QuickBooks. QuickBooks was able to track donations and issue tax receipts, but they wanted a better way to track their fundraising efforts and their ongoing touch points with their constituents.

Supermarket Chain

The Challenge: ECHO’s relationship with this supermarket chain began in 2010 as a request to help find a better way to keep its growing number of independently owned and operated stores connected to enable centralized store systems and other administrative applications to function properly.

Technology Company

The Challenge: The client had been using the Highrise CRM for sales operations and Excel for reporting and decided to migrate to Salesforce.