Are Your Devices Holiday-Ready?

Are Your Devices Holiday-Ready?

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – or getting close to it.  Now is when the holiday decorations start to appear before we’re ready for them, every drink gets a dash of peppermint, and we get ready for the all-carols radio station switch.  Aside from the gadgets which appear on our shopping lists, technology is usually the last thing on our minds.

Oddly enough, though, the calm before the holiday [snow] storm may be the ideal time to consider a device tune-up.

Consider this:  the holiday season has become the time when people flex their digital muscles the most.  Brick and mortar stores, once inundated with holiday shoppers, are now mere showrooms for online retailers.  (Blame the marketing genius behind Cyber Monday.)  The sheer volume of online transactions over the next month and a half makes security a critical issue.  This is the ideal time to double-check those strong passwords (or replace them altogether) – before the prime season for hacking begins.

The holidays are a busy social period as well.  As calendars fill up with party invitations and corporate get-togethers, it’s our various devices which tell us where to go and help us weigh the many options for celebration.  Let’s face it – most of us double or triple book during those December weekends.  Making sure all of your calendars are synced could be the difference between social suicide and a mistletoe-addled party to remember.  Or if you’re hosting the party this year, navigating the many e-invitation sites is essential to getting all the right people drinking your egg nog.

The holidays are also the biggest travel season of the year.  It’s all our devices which keep us running on time – getting the apps, calendars, and in-flight entertainment on the same page will certainly help to ease the stress of holiday travel.

And then there’s the backup issue.  That new computer or phone or tablet or all of the above shouldn’t have to wait for a physical download of content once the gifts are unwrapped.  The content should be on the cloud, ready for devices to use it at will.  And in the somewhat likely event that the device doesn’t work out of the box or the holiday upgrade fails, it makes sense to have a place where your files can be there waiting, safe and sound.

Ready to tune up your devices for the holidays?  Come on down to a very special tECHO talk where our in-house guru and Apple whisperer Greg Karp-Neufeld will get you and your precious electronics ready.

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