Advance beyond your clients expectations

Advance beyond your clients expectations

Even as the world of technology is in a constant state of flux, many businesses seem intent on pursuing a plateau-based I.T. plan.  When systems get to a certain critical mass of usability, when the company’s user base appears satisfied at a basic level, technology choices tend to solidify.

At a basic level, this appears to make sense.  After all, “if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it”.  Yet technology is an area where it often makes sense to break things on purpose.  If you aren’t constantly tweaking your systems for maximum performance, you’re liable to miss out on the productivity and operational benefits which innovation is bringing at an ever faster pace.

Take one of ECHO’s own venture capital clients as an example.  The firm’s firewalls were static, even as the world of hackers and malware became ever more sophisticated.  In the absence of a dynamic, adaptive solution, the firm’s systems soon became overloaded with security vulnerabilities which threatened to bring its entire system down.

Beyond its cybersecurity stance, the firm’s technology infrastructure was also frozen in time.  As a result, it was paying more for less, spending time and energy to keep up a system which failed to deliver basic functionality like support for mobile devices.

ECHO started its work on the security issues, as these were an immediate danger to the firm’s systems.  Legacy firewalls were migrated to a next-generation Palo Alto Networks cluster, improving security while maintaining both site-to-site and remote-access VPN connections.

ECHO then worked to upgrade the firm’s aging technology baseline.  Migrating the firm from expensive, fixed servers into a nimble, more flexible cloud environment was the first step.  ECHO then build a load balancing system which ensured the long-term stability of the network.  Using a variety of solutions, ECHO improved the reliability of back-up systems while integrating a new Storage Area Network which fit the firm’s requirements and budget.

The result?  The firm now has systems which are more reliable, less costly to maintain, and offer the functionality needed to keep the firm on top of its own clients’ expectations.

There’s something to be said for a system that really works, but today’s technology environment basically guarantees that no system will be the optimal solution for long.  In order to maintain the level of efficiency and reliability you expect, a constant drumbeat of change is now required.  If you’re on a technology plateau, you’re actually falling behind.

Looking to get ahead of your technology needs?  ECHO can help.