Chat Transcript

Chat Transcript

The following chat exchange is between one ECHO employee and her colleague from the Silicon Valley. She thought sharing it in the Blog would help illustrate a common dilemma that companies might have when it comes to outsourcing their I.T. 

This chat is based on true events and the names have been changed to protect the characters. 

Monday, August 25, 2014:

Brian – 10:54 PM 
 hey D, yt? 

Donna F. – 11:22 PM  
hey, I’m here, what’s up?

Brian – 11:23 PM  
i wanted to talk IT. we need to hire an IT person, we definitely want someone full time.

Donna F. – 11:24 PM
  running a helpdesk with a FTE is the old way of doing things. this is your friend talking…

Brian – 11:25 PM  
why is having desktop IT FTE the wrong way to go about it.
 you want someone who is part of the company
 and really cares about the people he’s helping … rather than just a revolving door of faces

Donna F. – 12:06 AM
  this is why you should consider echo, bc echo isn’t a revolving door of faces. we built a noc/soc for IT service
Echo Service Desk.
 you don’t always need an on site person to solve your IT issue, in fact you typically don’t if you are doing the rest of it right
 and when you call in, it isn’t a revolving phone call of support. we haven’t had any staff changes in over a year, 
it is the same people every time.
most of Echo’s clients know their phone or chat support by first name.
and as far as quality of service goes, well that’s why they get to keep their job 
unlike an in-house-burned-out-over-worked IT guy who can’t get fired because no one knows what he really does. 
when you have a service company,  if someone gets a bad report from a client they can lose their job,
 so people try harder, and therefore you end up with a higher quality of service. not to mention that you can’t single staff Echo’s service -
you have to have multiple people to compare to a managed service provider
who covers when he is on vacation, sick, pto, or he just quits.

Brian – 12:32 AM   k, but who wants to call in

Brian – 12:32 AM when bob needs his cell phone working or his laptop on the fritz or I dunno, he needs Photoshop installed or printer isn’t working you don’t want to have to “call in” for that, do you?!

Donna F. – 12:35 AM  right, but that is why Echo is different.  We don’t just have the NOC/SOC, we pair it with scheduled on site presence, for example, 8-12pm m/w/f.

Brian – 12:40 AM    what if someone needs their mouse ball cleaned at 3pm Thursday?

Donna F. –  12:43 AM   if it requires an on site presence then we dispatch an engineer for as long as it’s needed

Brian – 12:50 AM ok, I am starting to see what you mean, can’t believe I didn’t see this before… btw – do you guys do consulting all the way down in San Jose?

Donna F. -
12:53 AM yes we do. Tell you what, no pressure, come to the city tomorrow night and have dinner with a friend of mine and I and let’s talk.