4th non-profit in B&H to use Salesforce thanks to ECHO Technology Solutions

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4th non-profit in B&H to use Salesforce thanks to ECHO Technology Solutions

We are growing and we must be honest with you, it is a great feeling. Our scholars, volunteers, mentors, mentees, ambassadors, donors, tutors, partners, podcast, and webinar speakers… Numbers are going up constantly (some of them even 400% more than last year), and we are immensely proud of our work over the years. The fact that more people want to be involved in our work is proof that we are doing something right.  

Growth brings extra weight on our shoulders and at this¬†point,¬†we are constantly looking for tools that will make our work easier. One of the tools that we wanted the most was¬†Salesforce,¬†world‚Äôs No.1 customer relationship management solution that brings organizations and customers together.¬†It’s one integrated CRM platform that gives all departments ‚ÄĒ including marketing, sales, commerce, and service ‚ÄĒ a single, shared view of everyone involved. We are proud to announce that we became part of¬†the¬†Salesforce Power of Us program, together with more than 40 000 other non-profits worldwide, and we became¬†the fourth non-profit in Bosnia and Herzegovina to achieve that!¬†Salesforce decided to provide us with 10 Enterprise Edition CRM Lightning subscriptions.¬†¬†

The process is not so simple, and it requires special implementation and customization for every user. The company that jumped in and helped us a lot was ECHO Technology Solutions, a leading software development service provider in the Bay Area, that delivers software development and Salesforce services to small businesses and nonprofit organizations. With over 500 successful Salesforce implementations and integrations under their belt, ECHO represents a truly trusted software solutions partner.  

Over the past three months, they devoted an entire team to 100 hours of pro bono work in order to help us with our Salesforce integration. Thanks to them we have a great start with using this immensely powerful tool and we customized it in alignment with our needs. Thank you, thank you, thank you! In the future, Salesforce will provide us with a more structured insight into all our members and friends worldwide and will save us hundreds of hours in managing data.

Collaboration between our Foundation and ECHO is a great example of how companies can help NGOs in achieving their goals that matter. The integration will help us grow a community of 10,000 change makers until 2030 who strive for the advancement of quality of life in Bosnia & Herzegovina. 

About ECHO Technology Solutions

ECHO Technology Solutions is a business application software development and integration firm with a primary focus on the Salesforce platform. Our team of over 30 software developers, product and project managers has successfully completed over 500 software development projects, serving organizations ranging in size from 25- 25,000 employees. We take pride in the quality of services we provide and always go the extra mile to earn clients' trust.

ECHO has been providing business application software development, custom Salesforce implementations, data migrations, development support, marketing automation, integrations with third party apps, and business analytics to organizations, since 2002. For more information, visit echots.com.

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Bosnia & Herzegovina Futures Foundation is the fastest growing, not for profit talent incubator and accelerator. The foundation aims to transform Bosnia & Herzegovina into a prosperous nation that can respond to the challenges of the 21st Century. It does this by empowering the youth through non formal education, technology access and development of world class leadership skills. For more information, visit bhfuturesfoundation.org.