2020 Resolutions for Your Salesforce Professional Development

Salesforce Resolutions 2020

2020 Resolutions for Your Salesforce Professional Development

Over the last decade, Salesforce has moved from being a just a CRM platform to a technology ecosystem offering an assemblage of applications focused on customer service, marketing automation, analytics, and application development. This presents great opportunities for organizations and professionals alike to learn and grow, including you! As you work through your own resolutions checklist for the new year (and the new decade), make sure you have a few Salesforce resolutions in there too to stay on top of your own professional development. To help you and other Salesforce enthusiasts, here are four resolutions that should be on every Salesforce user’s list:

1. Attend your local user groups.

This may sound cliché but Salesforce User Groups are a great way of learning, networking and expanding your knowledge base. These community groups help you figure out what others are looking at, thinking about, implementing and much more. They are also an excellent way of problem-solving and troubleshooting issues you might be experiencing in your own organization. So, that interests you and be ready to be dazzled by unique use cases, engaging discussions, highly experienced professionals and tons of new knowledge.

2. Earn a new certification

Certifications are a great way of getting in-depth knowledge and staying up to date with the latest features of Salesforce. Maybe you aim to get one every quarter! Why? Let’s take the example of Salesforce Lightning. It has a lot of features that Salesforce Classic did not, such as MyDomain. It lets you create a subdomain in line with your company’s name or branding, which  helps you manage login and authentication. You can set up a MyDomain subdomain to use Lightning components in Lightning component tabs, Lightning pages, the Lightning App Builder, and standalone apps. If you’re a certified Salesforce admin, you might already know about My Domain and all the great things it can do. But if you aren’t one, imagine what you are missing out on by not knowing about MyDomain and other great features!

3. Learn more on specific topics

Even if certifications aren’t for you, there is an array of topics for you to explore within Salesforce, whether you want to learn more about Einstein, Communities or become an expert in Process Builder. In order to help your organization take advantage of all that Salesforce has to offer, you need to expand your knowledge base and learn what’s possible. A great place to start is the cloud offerings like Marketing Cloud, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud and Community Cloud. And the best part is Salesforce has tons of resources for you to make use of – Trailhead, webinars, blogs, release notes and more.

  • While we are discussing specific topics, migration from Salesforce Classic to Salesforce Lightning deserves a special mention. Salesforce’s critical update to Lightning was on January 7th! Has your organization adopted it yet? If not, then learning about Lightning and the new features that come with it is crucial for a seamless transition.

4. Automate a manual task

Maybe it’s that task you find yourself doing over and over again. You know it can be automated but haven’t had the bandwidth to do it. And there’s probably a lot more like it across your organization! We challenge you to pick one small, manual task every quarter and spend the time to make your life easier down the road. We’re not talking about a whole process like prospecting or volunteer onboarding, which takes more time and energy to map out and automate. We’re talking about quick wins that are as simple as a single email notification or task assignment. Say goodbye to tedious manual tasks and hello to automation and simplification with Salesforce!

Believe us, Salesforce can be a game changer for professionals, teams and organizations  when utilized properly. So, step up your game and incorporate these four simple resolutions in your work life starting today. And you can thank us later!